"Do what matters most to you. Do what makes you feel ALIVE and HAPPY. If you let others tell you who you are and what you should do, you are living their reality, not yours." -Roy T. Bennett


I am passionate about inspiring people to make courageous, bold and authentic choices in their lives and relationships.  


Because your life matters. How you live it matters. And who you share it with matters.

Happy, healthy, fun, playful and passionate relationships are the cornerstone to health and wellness. The quality of them, what we bring to them and what receive from them makes a difference in the quality of our lives. This includes first and foremost, the relationship we have with ourselves.

This site is dedicated to educating and creating conversation about relational issues and all matters of the heart: personal and professional . I invite you join me in this conversation as we open up new doors and avenues that shape our understanding of what living authentically really means and how to do that with the ones we love.

I look forward to meeting you- whether it's at a talk, online or in my office.



To learn more about my clinical practice, visit www.mauramatarese.com.